Pick Tasty, Pick Best, Pick Dobra

OXBOW Brands bring a variety of packaged food & beverage products that caters to different tastesneeds of consumers.Our products are BIG on Flavour, Colour, Experience and Fun!

The Company is part of the Indian Distribution House, JOHARS Group, a third-generation family business specialising in manufacturing, distribution and sales of its own and 3rd party products, in the Indian market over the past 75 years.

As a key mandate, Oxbow Brands is involved with building BRANDS in the CPG Sector!


DOBRA is the master brand of Oxbow Brands.

The word “DOBRA” stems from a combination of:
the POLISH word meaning “GOOD” & “GREAT”


The INDIAN word “DOBARA” meaning “AGAIN” & “CONTINUE”.

We are not only involved in creating food & beverages you can indulge
in at your time & convenience, but we also partner with CPG Brands,
giving you access to markets, via our National Sales & Distribution
Platform in India.